Can you afford the high cost of Powertrain Repairs? At, Priority you don't have to.

All Priority Certified Used Cars now come with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

What's a Powertrain?

A car's powertrain includes the major components that generate power, deliver it to the wheels and make it go.


Guaranteed for Life


Guaranteed for Life

Drive Shaft

Guaranteed for Life


Guaranteed for Life


Guaranteed for Life

Lifetime Powertrain Guarantee

It protects you against thousands of dollars in costly repairs to your engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and axles – for as long as you own your car.

Anywhere you roam.

Moving? Traveling? The Powertrain Warranty goes with you. Anywhere in America. It takes the worry out of used car buying and makes sure you get where you’re going.

Priorities for Life

Priority Certified used cars come with Priorities for Life. It saves you big for as long as you own your car. Free oil and filter changes. Free state inspections. And so much more.